I'm in no doubt you've heard the fiction of the two frog that are seated on a liliaceous plant pad.

No? Let me numeration it for you:

There are two frog (let's appointment 'em Joe and Spike) sitting on a lily pad. Spike jumps into the mere and starts to swimming away to another, greener, fresher, much pleasing lily pad on the separate sidelong of the tarn.

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A few proceedings later, Joe decides to get in and go for a swim, too.

Question: How various frog are seated on the firstborn liliaceous plant pad?

Answer: Only Joe. He solitary DECIDED to skip. He didn't in actual fact do it.

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So here's my inquiry to you: Which frog are you? Spike, the anuran of definite action, or Joe, the frog who is reasonably deluxe where on earth he's at.

Oh, I comprehend you intelligent - but he DID create a decision, didn't he? I stingy Joe's a apposite frog, works all day, comes married to his better half and tadpoles and puts in an outline at "the local" all now and consequently. He's positive to be touching up in this planetary. He's meant for greener lily pads, right?

Um.. not so noticeably.

Tony Robbins, that "personal power" religious leader says in his wording "Awaken the Giant Within" that "it's in your moments of outcome that your fortune is twisted." It's matched there on folio 40 if you don't imagine me.

But he's just part accurate.

Listen to how ludicrous I must sound! I'm contradicting one of the world's best polity on on the up your face-to-face power, and comme il faut all you've of all time hot to be in time.

But he's inactive solely PARTIALLY freedom.

It's not retributive your decisions. It's the actions you steal supported on those decisions that spatiality your "destiny".

You know, appointments state louder than words, right? And a see is assessment 1000 words, so if you visualise your luck and after ACT on it, you'll be louder, bolder and more bold than any 1000 statement result you'll ever formulate.

Yeah, I'm stretching a bit there, but you get the model.

What decisions are you making? Are you provoking to body type your business? Grow your behind line? Is this your yr to blow up your organization, impulse your sales or takings top honors at your political unit convention? Maybe you'd look-alike to be unable to find 100 pounds or something wholly different? How roughly speaking conscionable creating a happier family life?

All those decisions are all right and good, and it's large you've ready-made a conclusion. But what are you DOING to pioneer those decisions?

When it comes to net commercialism - or thing in life, determinant is the basic step, but if it's the only step, you're pulseless in the hose.

Just something to chew over nearly. Just don't appropriate all day intelligent just about it, because there's a lot of human action to lug if you ever privation to see those decisions travel to condition.

Oh, by the way, rational IS an feat. So is deciding, for that situation. But it's the physical whereabouts that appear AFTER those activities that really form your life span.

Here's a sudden one-two bang for success:

Step 1: Make a decision

Step 2: Make a move in and out - no concern how slim - toward that decision's last reality

It's not hard, but it takes energy. Just suchlike spring off that lily pad and swimming through with the slush takes event and energy, but do you assume Spike's got the finer scenery for all his efforts?

Now tell me again, which toad are you?

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