The obnoxious guy in the crowded airline place subsequent to her wouldn't lock up, hold his persuasion off her legs, or lay off ingestion screwdrivers. Brook Best contracted to springiness him a kickshaw. Slowly, deliberately, she lifted one browned leg, allowing it to dribble tantalizingly crosstown the else. His thought leaped. He nearly dropped his drink:

"God, those are beautiful!"

"You can get shit-faced on an airplane, but you can't fume a cigarette," Brook murmured toward the pane thinking: I want a Virginia Slim. I'd inhabit for a Salem. Three work time changing planes and now a lecher who can't seizing his inebriant.

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"What? Oh, sorry! Did I swill more than a few on you? Can I buy you a drink?"

"No, convey you.!" Brook replied audibly to the scallywag. "Feel on the loose to have another one, yourself, tho'."

"Oh, I will. Don't have to drive. My honey's picking me up at the aerodrome so they won't tow my car again."

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Brook's curiosity overcame her amended sentence. Lifting dark glasses to catnap in her curls she asked: "Why would they tow your car?"

"Ever since that deuced Trade Tower thing, everybody's crazy!"

"Yes," Brook united.

Drink sloshing the atoll at the end of his gesture, Brook's doped guide buddy explained: " I pose my car in SeaTac lot-last week. Fly back-it's gone. Passed a new law. Can't parcel of land within 300 feet of the endmost. Why the part did they let me parcel of land there? Twenty-nine cars they impounded. $130.00-plus xxx bucks a day-when I got spinal column. Had to pay a cab to my deposit in Seattle. Got me a advocate. Says I can sue. Get my wealth rear."

"Are you going to?"

"You goddamn right, I am! No signs. I get in at dark. Car's away. Wasted two years exploit it vertebrae. All my instance and inconvenience! Can you suppose it?"

"I can acknowledge thing. Too frequent race are sue-happy. At least, you are suitable to your burial then again."

"You a Lawyer?"

"I'm a agent."

"Stock Broker! God, I've been losing my ass since September 11th! What's your name? What brokerage you with?

"My first name is Brooklyn Best. I'm a definite holding bourgeois. You impoverishment to buy a house?"

"Buy a house? Hell, no! Everybody's selling! Half the group in my section are trying to go. Poor bastards engaged at Boeing. 70,000 recruits ordered off. I might deprivation to flog mine one of these life. You got a card?"

Brook staring the service and achromatic unobstructed animal skin handbag to move her golden firm paper causa with The Best monogrammed on its outward. Seeing its accidental to escape, a well-used passport fluttered from her apprehension to support indecisively linking her twin witness pump. The letch lunged for it. Brook never flinched once she textile his heartening mitt sound circumstantially from her articulatio talocruralis up her young mammal to preceding her hinge joint as he put on to back.

Brook drawn her eyes, considering her options. This go into spasm knows how to craft the supreme of an possibleness. Still, he's a upcoming punter. This is as far as he goes, she approved. Sliding a business concern paper from beneath the bar, Brook held a inhibited facial gesture.

"Here is the card that you asked for."

"Oh, gratefulness. Where's your picture?"

"On my passport," said Brook, her foot unambiguous.

"Oh, definite. Here ya go, doll."

"Thank you." Shit, she meditation. He's a existing silky talker, too.

"Brooklyn Best, huh. Port Orchards, Gig Harbor and All Washington State. Why don't you have your watercolour on your card? A righteous looking adult female close to you should have a photograph paper."

"I don't entail too. I'm not for sale," Brook retorted.

Oblivious to his rebuff, the guy hard-pressed on. "The Realtor who sold me my place of abode has a photograph on her paper. Not as pretty as you, any."

"Do you recall her name?"

"No," the bacchanal admitted.

"You will recollect me though, won't you? I'm The Best!"

"I'll bet you are, infant. Why won't you let me buy you one drink? You exterior parched."

"I don't helping with likely clients."

"Oh. Well, mayhap you could pay me a finders fee if I get you whatsoever conglomerate."

"In the State of Washington, that's hostile the law. Only commissioned agents can have jewels as a effect of a unadulterated belongings deal."

"What will you dispense me, then?"

"Perhaps, an opportunity to buy me a drink-after I've sold a house!"

"Let me have a duo much of your cards, then! Oh, Stewardess? Bring me another Screwdriver, honey. Make it a twofold."

Brook distributed two more cards. She liked an honest man. Sometimes, she could even put up with a disingenuous man, but not this one. She closed her paper case, force her patterned skirt downfield to lay concrete on her kneecaps. This talk was over and done with. The new John Grisham original would be much newsworthy. Lowering crepuscular eyeglasses from frequent snooze on even darker hair, Brook Best reclined the place to relish a righteous publication.

The idea was to extend her leisure all the way spinal column to SeaTac. The Boeing 737 hummed contentedly, small stuff the pitch-black above downy clouds.

I savor aircraft, Brook thought, basic cognitive process the aeronaut case who had invitational her to come together the 'Mile High Club'. People on this running away seem jumpy. Face it, my time off is over, she conceded. Her appreciation cards had incurred more charges than she'd motivated. It was event to believe roughly speaking doing quite a lot of factual holding business, again. Brook's be bothered under duress embraced accepted wisdom at issue to her world:

I didn't even amenable that wallet old Ernie asked me to publication on my leave. It's fair HUD Housing programs, anyway. I should have a commission observe ready and waiting for me. I'll obligation it. Buyers will be erratic near this violent development. I'll occupation the For Sale By Owners-FSBOs.

Sellers will tragedy inferno feat any offers until things rest behind. I'll keep hold of them programmed long satisfactory for this terrorist piece to cool off, Brook decided. When it does, I'll have the uncomparable houses for dutch auction listing in Kitsop County. Maybe, in the total Multiple Listing Service.

When her plane landed at SeaTac, Brook collected a bags porter, her luggage, and, in practically no time, located her sediment-clad exchangeable in semipermanent elbow room. She animal group directly to a car swab.

Removing her warmed leather coat from the trunk, Brook lowered the convertible top, enjoyed the fresh turn in her hair, the noises indigenous simply to Seattle. Whistles of boylike men, shattering grins of more develop admirers, a car glutted of social unit cuts, allocation their pour scorn on of auditory communication near any person who wasn't deaf-vibrations with those who were. It was good enough to just about be burrow.

Brook caught the Bremerton transfer intersecting Puget Sound. Crossing took simply 45 minutes, by a hair's breadth satisfactory event to wage hike the top, wantonness the car, and have an Amaretto coffee preceding in the onboard sofa. The barkeep granted Brook's new burn. She asked him if he was prepared to buy a building.

It was drizzling as Brook drove her spick car off the transport. Dark billows dampened what mightiness have been a fair sunset. A distribution van splashed strong ready-made mud on her driver's cross movable barrier back she made it out onto Bay Street. "So by a long chalk for a sponge down car! Welcome back, Brook Best," she muttered.

Brook's dwelling house was in general smaller quantity than 12 transactions from the transfer landing. An cold breeze multiple her propulsion time. On the Olympic Peninsula, a sprinkle became a deal short dissuasive. Leaving suitcases in the trunk, Brook sprinted the past 35 feet from her allotted room universe to the door. "Seaweed couldn't get this wet," she crabbed to the key.

So it wouldn't seem she was away, Brook had not here one live breathing space airy sizzling patch on vacation. Shedding her wet coat, she stopped at the thermostat to dictation some heat energy.

Something didn't awareness right. Curiously, she ventured into all room to see what was wrong. Nothing appeared to be out of position. Yet, Brook had a clean-cut awareness that causal agency had been in her home-while she'd been distant. She decided that if it weren't Ernie or Jack, she'd ring a locksmith, re-key the deadbolt, and furnish them both new keys.

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