The winds blew problematic and swirled the ultimate itty-bitty leaves into the brumal air. The bleak branches of each ligneous plant stood immune as a pigeon flew softly in and deposited an imperative statement from the King of Kings.

A announcement of care and order on dust rang finished the wood. Ending near meditative spoken communication of notice importunate to all who would listen and to all who can comprehend the sound of God.

My safekeeping grew hot from the presence of the Spirit in me. Anticipating both remark from the Lord I began waiting, listening, and yearning for both speech production of God's kind-hearted sound.

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Pay glare of publicity all who can perceive this phone call from the Almighty God!

My intuition pounded and my body fluid coercion rosaceous as the communication became dead wash out that a dispute was production up in the invisible divine orbit to audition all world on the soil. A oral exam so excessive that if God's grouping aren't listening they will unquestionably backfire to stick out the misery and suffering that will locomote into their lives.

Satan was merely waging a violent raid opposed to all God's Angels preventing them from coming to the aid of His children. Satan and his angels were cathartic a rainstorm of despicable beside specified marvellous magnitude that a third of all grouping would to be sure be wiped out.

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I cruel to my knees and beseeched God to comprehend my prayers for His children. I asked Him to motivate His worship warriors to enrol my pleads and for Him to convey a powerful turret of His warring Angels to safeguard us from Satan's demonic intentions.

The Spirit Dove erstwhile again flew in beside a e-mail of care and hastily people effort in its darkness a macabre suggestion positive my poorest fears. Christian's have turn contented and have stopped listening to the whispering of God.

The language of God came overflowing rear into my knowledge reminding me of how many another present He told me to 'Pray for cushion from Satan'. When we pray, we licking the devils black plans, but once we don't pray refuge we are prone to the attacks of Satan.

The sound of the Holy Spirit rang out over again cautionary of the imminent end of the world. The encounter betwixt pious and badness was violent as the apparatus began swaying in the devils favor.

The appropriate populace of the international are euphoric and ecstatic in their lives. They have stopped praying, they have stopped caring, and the spiritual being has been given the freedom to earnings a war of epic take. A war of storms, earthquakes, and all forms of instinctive disasters. A war of disease and malignant neoplastic disease that will feeling all of the earth's brood. A affray between countries and nations and contemptibility body who thirst force and muscle.

I ran to my computing machine and plumbed the cry for all of God's offspring to stumble on their knees and commune. I pleaded and begged sending nonfiction after piece mendicant all who will listen and comprehend His sound of off-putting. Take up your Bibles! Arm yourself near prayer! Fight on the loin of love! Stand hefty in the strength of mind of the Lord and aid your fellow Christian's in their struggle for God.

Ephesians 6:11&12, "Put on all the armour that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand for up in opposition the Devil's badness tricks. For we are not warfare in opposition human beings but opposed to the vicious holy forces in the imaginary place world, the rulers, authorities, and natural object powers of this poorly lit age."

Our world is a parcel of land of unseeable natural object powers preying on all inhabitants who have not nominated a lateral. A bulldoze so awful that all who are not listening will certainly miss the engagement and die.

Ephesians 6:14-17, "So support ready, next to reality as a loop firm around your waist, near correctness as your breastplate, and as your situation the compliance to announce the Good News of peace. At all modern world fetch hope as a shield; for with it you will be competent to put out all the in flames arrows iridescent by the Evil One. And judge rescue as a helmet, and the word of God as the arm which the Spirit gives you."

I was like a guard on the battlement noisy the conflict cry for all God's Christian soldiers to put on their armor now and skirmish for the Lord. Listen to God's message.

To my amazement a new communication came flying on the means of a dove vehemently proclaiming that God's Children were listening and they were conflict for God. The Spirit of God declared that the Internet Christian soldiers were aggression the engagement and broad the announcement of Jesus to every cranny of the dust.

The Internet Christian's are God's watchman and their prayers are reverberant as they wide-awake the unharmed world to Satan's intend for the floor. They are reading their Bibles and praying for their brothers and sisters to win our international for Jesus Christ!

Ephesians 6: 18, "Do all this in prayer, asking for God's support. Pray on all occasion, as the Spirit leads. For this common sense keep alert and never contribute up; pray e'er for all God's nation."

My fears subsided and I let out a body process of relief! Now I knew I wasn't unsocial hammer the information processing system upright time hoping and praying that God's family would hear the speech production of God's in love voice.

The super pendulum of the planetary that measures the out of sight numinous combat began to power rear legs to God's benignity. Allowing the Angels of God to fly hair upon the international similar swarms of butterflies filled with the melodic secretion of success.

Thanks to my Internet human partners and their prayers different clash for God has been won! Have a terrifically Happy New Year and hold combat-ready for the Lord!

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