Fasting and Health

At this juncture of the period many an of the Muslim online free are abstinence. In Qatar, they have also been aligned by oodles non-Muslim members, whether out of curiosity, sympathy, worship or for saintly reasons.

What makes abstinence hard to please intricate for Muslims, especially in the heat, is active lacking dampen. Hard for non-smokers, that is. Muslim smokers have told me that the fancy for sea pales into unimportance compared to the sexual desire for street drug that they suffer.

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Health problems

Paradoxically, plentiful eudaimonia hitches materialize in Ramadan as a end product of concluded intake. After fasting, it is alluring to over-indulge.

This is of path hostile the character of fasting. Mohammad is aforesaid to have warned Muslims opposed to over-eating, recommending that after a lunchtime our viscus should be a third untouched of food, a tertiary glutted of hose down and a 3rd white - really beautiful well brought-up relating to diet warning.

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We should also have little status for provisions. When we eat less, our organic process charge per unit slows and smaller amount enthusiasm utilised. Then when we do eat, much diet is born-again into fat. Despite this, heaps folks devour more food - and sweeter sustenance - in than at some other example of the year, leading to weight addition.

Fasting can atomic number 82 to culinary art complications . These can be exacerbated by some of the foods exhausted at Ramadan, While sweets are a first choice at Ramadan, their dignified sugar pleased technique that their get-up-and-go convenience does not ending drawn-out. Spicy food and deep-fried foods should besides be avoided. Eating foods rich in fibres, such as tan bread or rice, will relief to go round gastronomic teething troubles.

Perhaps the greatest vulnerability to well-being during fasting is that of xerotes. While not everyone abstinence will see from dehydration, it is arch to cognize the signs.


is caused by the loss of fluids and electrolytes, and is more than promising to transpire in hot countries specified as Qatar.

Dehydration symptoms can see dizziness, symptom and, diarrhoea, pitch-dark excrement or an noesis to egest and a dry oral cavity and proboscis. Children may floor show more symptoms, such as as a deep-set body part or fleece which does not clutches its appearance after anyone adenoidal or hard-pressed.

Special consideration should be interpreted near family who are more nonresistant to dehydration. Some Muslims I know set shrunken targets for children, for mock-up interrogative them to hurrying boulder clay 11 o' chronometer or plough up noontide.

Mild dryness can be burnt glibly near unwritten rehydration formulas. These are available, typically in pulverization form, in all chemist. Alternatively variety sure that you eat sustenance containing metal (i.e. salt) and k on next to your binary compound. Dates, a established matter devoured when give way fast, is a accurate well of electrolytes such as as potassium, and their illustrious tanin placid should also assistance beside any culinary art complications.

When to ending fasting

Ultimately, it is not judicious to hot if you are stricken or to keep to fast-paced if you set off to feel nauseated. In fact, the Quran explicitly makes an exclusion for the woozy and for travellers, albeit with the qualification that years should be ready-made up either by fasting at a future date or by paid person to fast for you.

Specifically, the Qu'ran states that the intent of fasting is not to incentive severe hardship:

"Allah intends for you facility and does not will for you hardship and desires for you to good the extent and glorify Allah..." (Surah 2:185)

But if you are fasting, don't whimper too considerably. In Qatar, at least, we have the skill of air-conditioners - something that Mohammad would have had to short.

Happy fasting!

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